We have been informed of a scam telephone call offering pendant alarm support to elderly people for £1.50 per day and asking for their bank details. They claim to have access to medical records and were nominated by their GP surgery due to their age and health condition. Instances have been reported in our area,

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Abuse towards Staff at Central Surgery

Abuse Towards Staff at Central Surgery: Since the start of the Pandemic in February/March, staff at Central Surgery have worked tirelessly in the most difficult circumstances to keep the Surgery running smoothly whilst trying to keep everyone who goes through the doors safe. The vast majority of patients in Sawbridgeworth have appreciated hugely the extraordinary efforts that have been made to look after us all and to try and keep the Surgery open for all business.

Sadly, there have been some incidents of abuse towards Central Surgery staff recently. Please do not be rude to the staff. If you wish to make a complaint, please do so through the appropriate channels.

Some examples of things that staff have been expected to deal with whilst trying to keep everyone safe were:

  • Patients being aggressive at the Surgery front door or on the phone – often from the outset of the encounter.
  • Patients pressing the Surgery doorbell repeatedly after being made aware that reception is already dealing with someone else.
  • Patients expecting the Surgery to know whether their prescriptions are ready for collection from the Pharmacy: Patients should check with their Pharmacy and only call the Surgery after they have done this and if the prescription is not ready after the 3 full days timescale.
  • Patients calling the Surgery about Covid testing. Please follow the Government advice if you think that you may have symptoms. Either call 119 or book a test online.
  • Patients calling to ask how to spell a GPs name: A list of our GPs can be found on the Central Surgery website.
  • Patients calling the Surgery when they can’t get through to the Hospital regarding their booked appointments: Patients should contact the Hospital directly; the Surgery is not able to assist with any issues regarding Hospital phone lines or appointments.
  • Patients expecting the Surgery to assist with housing issues: this is a matter for the local council.
  • Patients calling the Surgery to check the time of either a telephone or face to face consultation:
  • Telephone consultations are not booked times so you may be called at any time until 18.30. If you have been given a face-to-face appointment, and you have signed up for the SMS, you will have received a text message reminder or you can see the details online.