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The NHS App enables people to:

Instructions registering for the NHS App

Step 1 – Download the NHS App from Google Play or Apple App store

Step 2 – “Continue with NHS login”

Step 3 – Enter your email address & password

Step 4 – Check your email and confirm

Step 5 – Enter mobile number. You will be sent a Security code via text

Step 6 – Enter code which has been sent via text to your mobile

Step 7 – You will be asked for your NHS Number. If yes, enter your NHS number. If no, you will be asked for your name, DOB, and your postcode

Step 8 – Confirm details

Step 9 – Read T&Cs

Step 10 – To gain full access follow steps to prove your identity

If required O.D.S (Organisation Code or Practice I.D): E82100